Tracy Cruickshank

Height 5’8’’ - Starting weight 12 stone 2lbs - Finish weight 9 stone 8lbs - Dress size before 14/16 - Dress size now 8/10

As I busy working Mum of two I had slowly let my weight creep up to the heaviest I’d ever been, I was unhappy, I felt uncomfortable and frumpy. I didn’t want to be fat at forty, so I decided to take action!

I followed a heathly low fat diet and started to take exercise for the first time in years. The weight started to drop of each week and I passed my target weight of 10 Stone within 4 months, that was 19 months ago and I am maintaining my weight easily.

I am a changed person, I feel good about myself and I am a self confessed exercise junkie, I’m a regular at the Gym & love taking part in online fitness challenges. I am also signed up for 3 Charity runs this year including a Military Fitness Mud Obstacle course !
Getting fit and healthy was the best decision I have ever made !