Nikki Bailey

My name is Nikki Bailey and this is my story of how I went from over 13 stone size 16/18 to 10 stone size 10/12.

Over 13 stone size 16/18 to 10 stone size 10/12.

My name is Nikki Bailey a 44 year old (young) mother to Mia 9 & Poppy 6.  I joined Alex’s class 4 years ago feeling low, disgusted, & ashamed of how I looked & how it made me feel.  feeling negative & a failure.

I didn’t really do any exercise prior to joining Alex & quite enjoyed the things in life once too often like  meals out, high calorie deserts & fine wines.  Eventually it caught up with me not only in a physical sense but a mental one also.

From the first day I walked into Alex’s class I had no idea the transformation this would have on my life. From couch potato to fitness Instructor & charity fundraiser my family are so proud of me & I am too!

I took the bull by the horns & decided I had to make a change to my life so I took myself off to Alex’s class at The triangle Less than 12 months later after joining Alex’s class  I had transformed into a fitness loving, healthy eating embracing, mentally happier person with a zest for life & a love for charity running & mentoring. Its changed my life in so many ways & brought me positivity & confidence.

After all these years I do enjoy going along to class its a friendly team of people all ages, where we all have the same thing in common, to get fit, stay fit & share our weeks achievements & feel motivated. The talk before exercising is fabulous where you learn of each others weight losses & I personally find that incredibly encouraging.

I totally recommend Weigh in Work out to anyone who wishes to lose weight but doesn’t know where to start, who maybe feeling worried to go on their own, no need Alex’s classes are warm, welcoming & supportive!

Fun aerobic & various dance style workout fitness which changes every number of weeks to keep it vibrant & fresh! Lots of smiles & fun!